A Reason To

At some point in life I would like to live for more than just living.
I want to live for more than just eating and seeing the next day.
Something simple, not basic.
More than just a new follower on Instagram.
More than money.
It’s not just the act of a sunset or sunrise but the way that sunrise makes me feel.
The way that sunrise gets me to contemplate more than just myself but the everchanging world around me.
It’s like being a pioneer of a modern age seeking more than just my day to day needs, but something with more meaning than simply surviving.
Something with more essence than 9-5 living.
A passion.
Reason to keep searching.
A reason to keep on ignoring the all too soothing lullaby of a society founded on lies to keep us from questioning.
A real reason to get up in the morning.
That thing that puts a pep in my step so that I remember to keep going.
I’m lead to see God despite the loud noise that wants me to stay doubting.
To this I have no end.
No grand finale.
No conclusion.


I will Be

I will be pretty when I die,
Lying in a casket propped in the front of the church,
Dressed in a gown of flowing colours,
You will have me sleeping peacefully.

No matter what I look like,
I’ll be pretty when I die,
There will be makeup on my face,
A garland of roses on my head.

For sure, I’ll be pretty when I die,
My best pictures,
All of my accomplishments for all to see,
But will those make me pretty when I die?

I will be pretty when I die,
Not for my beauty,
Not for my things,
Not even for my accomplishments.

I know I will be pretty, when I die,
Because there was beauty in me.

Sailor Senshi and School

today was the first day back after a long break! even though it wasn’t hard I think I could have counted more sheep the night before. It’s always kind of crazy how hard it is to get back to a sleeping pattern that makes sense. It’s even worse when we’re right at the end of it all and TV shows and the like are trying to get you to watch all their great stuff but we have exams or lots of work to do…

I’ve been missing Sailor Moon I think because I keep drawing the characters. My roomates/ friends and I usually get together to watch it, but they have school work. I have Lesson Plans. Right now Naruto is interesting me again because Naruto and Hinata got married. If you checked out  my instagram you may have seen a few pictures I did of Boruto, Temari, and Shikamaru. IDK more rambling….

Today Was a Day….

There are sometimes days when you sit down and you’re like…. What am I supposed to do. I am a bump on a lump. So to end my lack of productivity I drew the oh so wonderful Sailor Moon. Watercolour again. I’m starting to get a feel for it again. Minus the part where if you rest your hand on it it smudges. *throws paint brush in frustration*

If I am Not

My heart was aflame because I wasn’t as poetic as her.
My music was lost when I realized I couldn’t sing like him.
Or play an instrument like that.
My art was gone when I compared it to Van Gogh.
My spirit died when I couldn’t be everyone else.
But I didn’t realize I just needed to be.
If God needed another them He would have made two instead of making me.

The Robot

This is a little short that is part of a series of comics I will be creating. It’s about a girl named Kayrn Godric and her random adventures. This is the first one I did as a little preview…

Late Night Rambling

Have you ever sat… And just thought about the universe? Sometimes I realize that I’m part of a world…. That is massive. I’m part of a universe where I am nothing but a spec in a system of stars more infinite than human thought can fathom. And yet somehow I have been given the ability to impact this universe. But it really puts into perspective how much we allow small things to take up our time. Maybe we should laugh more. Maybe we should help others more. Maybe we should meditate… Maybe we shouldn’t worry about how many followers we get if we enjoy what we do. I don’t know… It’s just a thought… A late night rambling.

Magical Mishaps

Art is 50% effort, 35% skill, and 15% hoping that you remember to use both of those and no one accidently bumping the table.

This is why I’m glad I did my thumbnails when I decided to do a watercolour painting after so long. Sometimes you just forget that you need to take your time. So the shirt colour bled right into her hair. It’s very nice. But that can’t go together in the final piece. Patients is needed on my part.

What am I doing today?

Mostly homework. I played the sims for a whole day. My sim’s house looks great. She’s married. They have a baby, they look good. But then I realized that she’s doing all the things I should be doing in real life.

How to be an Adventurer

wander_by_shnapoodle-daicpn8Today I’m on break so I figured I would do all the things I don’t get to do when I’m busy. So the first part of being an adventurer is to clear up all your time because I promise you won’t have the time to be an adventurer (unless you’re also a procrastinator).

Step Number 1:  Redefine your definition of adventure
Adventure doesn’t always mean driving at least 2 hours to a different city or a camp ground. Sometimes the adventure is in your backyard. It might be at the park. It could be to the local convenient store. Who knows. Maybe your adventure is in the attic of your neighbour’s house. Please ask permission first… we don’t need people getting arrested.

Step Number 2: Develop an excitement for mundane
going to your local convenient store will never be fun if you don’t believe that it is. Take in the world around you. Look at that blade of grass and see the artistry of the universe around you. Get excited about the small things. The jingle your phone plays, being the first one at the traffic light, getting a brownie for desert. Your life is only as mundane as you think it is.

Step Number 3:  Go Places
Of course you will need to go places if you plan to have an adventure. Get off your bed, quit Netflix and go live your life as an adventurer.

Congratulations! After completing these 3 easy steps, you are now a full fledged adventurer!

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