Billy the Cactus

I started working at a greenhouse for the summer. So far the job entails answering questions for people who know more about the topic of discussion than you do, planting, labeling, seeding, and occasionally doing the task of your job description. I love it. I also get to work with a cat so there’s really no downsides here.

Today we got a shipment of cacti… Cactuses? Anyway I got one. It’s a paddle Cactus. It’s name is Billy. I’ve named all my other plants with girl names… And they all died. One because I wasn’t home to water it and the heat was up so high in order to prevent pipe bursts. The poor succulent likey dried up after 3 days. The other was a very fickle Hyacinth that no matter what I did refuse to stay alive…. So maybe if it has a boy name it will live this time (and I’ll be a better plant mom….)


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