Always bring Underwear

This weekend has been everywhere. And I haven’t posted here so long it’s not fair to you guys! So here’s a bit of what’s happened in my life so far.

I graduated for those of you who don’t follow my Instagram. That was great… Post graduation is looking sketchy but I’m gonna figure it out. I’m up to the challenge.

We passed through this windy road on the way home because the GPS decided to get creative when we asked for shortest route instead of fastest time. Admittedly I would have never known about such a quaint location had it not been for that. I got to see a turtle crossing which was neat… But it was a picture of a sea turtle in a forest. I live in Canada. But the most remarkable part of that winding road was the fence full of underwear, specifically bras. (And I read online that there was a fence in New Zealand just like it at one point.) Now I thought it was some sort of makeshift tourist attraction. But my mom thought it was created by a murderer…

I lost my phone at one point… That wasn’t all that great. But thankfully someone found it. All in all there has been a lot of adjustments in my life, a lot of weird moments, but you take life as is comes. Stand against the waves. And pack extra underwear.


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