Octopuses and Life

Hello good people! I have another post for you! Who has seen those cute new octopuses? Octopi? The cute ones that look like Dumbo or Pacman ghosts…. I love them. I have wanted to draw one for like a month or so… Possibly since they blew up on facebook months ago. I sometimes don’t get around to drawing stuff because my brain is like “that’s fun… But I also wanna draw another pretty girl” smh…. I finally did it! I’m proud of myself.


In life though there are times when it’s not just our brain thinking up more ideas. Sometimes it’s the idea that we can’t. Sometimes it’s just that it’s too hard. Sometimes it’s not even that deep. We migjt just… Not like it. I got this thought when I was listening to a Video by one of my favourite artists Frannerd. There’s going to be parts of everything no matter how much we like it that we like less. I love to draw, but I don’t like to practice because for a long time it’s always something that csme easy to me. I didn’t want to have to work at it. But I’m glad that I stick through it because I have these cute octopi to show you. And I could only have shown them to you if I practiced as hard as I did… Even though I don’t like to practice.


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