A Reason To

At some point in life I would like to live for more than just living.
I want to live for more than just eating and seeing the next day.
Something simple, not basic.
More than just a new follower on Instagram.
More than money.
It’s not just the act of a sunset or sunrise but the way that sunrise makes me feel.
The way that sunrise gets me to contemplate more than just myself but the everchanging world around me.
It’s like being a pioneer of a modern age seeking more than just my day to day needs, but something with more meaning than simply surviving.
Something with more essence than 9-5 living.
A passion.
Reason to keep searching.
A reason to keep on ignoring the all too soothing lullaby of a society founded on lies to keep us from questioning.
A real reason to get up in the morning.
That thing that puts a pep in my step so that I remember to keep going.
I’m lead to see God despite the loud noise that wants me to stay doubting.
To this I have no end.
No grand finale.
No conclusion.



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