Sailor Senshi and School

today was the first day back after a long break! even though it wasn’t hard I think I could have counted more sheep the night before. It’s always kind of crazy how hard it is to get back to a sleeping pattern that makes sense. It’s even worse when we’re right at the end of it all and TV shows and the like are trying to get you to watch all their great stuff but we have exams or lots of work to do…

I’ve been missing Sailor Moon I think because I keep drawing the characters. My roomates/ friends and I usually get together to watch it, but they have school work. I have Lesson Plans. Right now Naruto is interesting me again because Naruto and Hinata got married. If you checked out  my instagram you may have seen a few pictures I did of Boruto, Temari, and Shikamaru. IDK more rambling….


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