How to be an Adventurer

wander_by_shnapoodle-daicpn8Today I’m on break so I figured I would do all the things I don’t get to do when I’m busy. So the first part of being an adventurer is to clear up all your time because I promise you won’t have the time to be an adventurer (unless you’re also a procrastinator).

Step Number 1:  Redefine your definition of adventure
Adventure doesn’t always mean driving at least 2 hours to a different city or a camp ground. Sometimes the adventure is in your backyard. It might be at the park. It could be to the local convenient store. Who knows. Maybe your adventure is in the attic of your neighbour’s house. Please ask permission first… we don’t need people getting arrested.

Step Number 2: Develop an excitement for mundane
going to your local convenient store will never be fun if you don’t believe that it is. Take in the world around you. Look at that blade of grass and see the artistry of the universe around you. Get excited about the small things. The jingle your phone plays, being the first one at the traffic light, getting a brownie for desert. Your life is only as mundane as you think it is.

Step Number 3:  Go Places
Of course you will need to go places if you plan to have an adventure. Get off your bed, quit Netflix and go live your life as an adventurer.

Congratulations! After completing these 3 easy steps, you are now a full fledged adventurer!


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